Sophisticated - text

There she goes, pulling up
Hoppin' out the latest Beamer truck
Makeup running, that's alright
Pretty face, nice thighs
Bad' than a motherfucker
Fire bomb, can't nobody else touch her
Can't believe what I'm seeing
Shawty's amazing, I ain't playin' when I'm sayin'

She's sophisticated, get it, yeah
She's sophisticated, get it, yeah
But she says she likes the bad boys
Well baby I'm a bad boy
She's sophisticated, jaded, and headed out to Vegas
With her Louis V bags and her matching suite cases
And I know your heart is breakin' but baby what you waiting for
We out here, we out here
She won't be sophisticated when we get a little faded, we out here

Another martini, one for the PYT goes well with the scenery
She can look fly whippin' a Hyundai or a goddamn lamborghini
Baby love why you lookin' so sad
Make a night that you won't forget, we out here, fuck yeah

If you're sophisticated baby put ya hands up
If you fancy and you know it got your Louis bag to show it
Your hair and nails done, man somebody should of told me she's so sophisticated

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