Nothing But The Rain (Feat. Jamie Graham of H.. - text

I hear nothing but the rain, as i lay awake at midnight
I wonder if they hear it too, so far from me
God, we never knew, we were young, still finding our feet
Our songs echoed through the streets.
But, one by one fell to sorrow and strife
And i became the ghost of a past life

Find me between the forests and the rivers
Now overgrown, forgotten and withered
In the temples of our youth, in secret places we only knew
Along the paths that we used to walk
Our spirits wander, lost in dark
Until the roads ends at the shore,
and together they sing forth
"there's nothing here for us anymore"
I hope you find what you are looking for

Goodbye, goodbye and farewell,
come back with stories to tell
Of new worlds. And we'll wait, we wait patiently
for you to come back and be young again

Along the paths that we used to walk
Our spirits wander, lost in dark

Brothers and sisters, so far from me you flew
If you ever come back home I'll be waiting for you
Brothers and sisters if we meet again
I hope through all of this change we have stayed the same

I hear nothing but the rain

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