I Hope You're Left With Nothing - text

Only through red eyes can i look at you now.
time has shown me your true face;
and the truth brings rupture.
now i can see all the lies that fall from your mouth.
and i cant help but feel pity for you, such the actor, such the actor.
i gave you the second but i won't give you the third,
i won't give you anything anymore.
stay away from me; vagabond.

and i can't help but feel pity for you;
such the actor, such the actor.
you'll never taint my life again. never.
now i can see all the lies. i can see.
i'll never make the same mistake again.
i'll draw the line that you'll cross then i'll fuck you off like you deserve.
i've never been one to act out revenge but for you i swear...
i hope you're left with nothing.

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