Weather's Here, Wish You - text

A year spent tied down
to the shackles that kept me
restrained from getting
the most from my life.
But this feeling of discontent
s where I find my comfort.
Easy to accept,
when pain is consistent.
Love is struggle,
when you hand your heart to a closed hand.
12 months wasted,
I still don’t understand.
All I ever gave you was all I ever had.
And open arms just to fall back on,
still you were nothing
but a broken promise.
Tell me when your idea
of forever turned into
I’ll never have your heart.
What’s left when all I have
to give isn’t good enough?
Without your voice here,
December is colder.
I’m done, waiting a fucking round.
I’m done, for you to come back around.
Don’t want to see your face ever again.
All I have left to give you is a page
scratched with angst.
So now I’m left asking,
did you ever even care?
I’m so sick of feeling let down,
every time you weren’t there.
And now I fucking wonder,
would anything have changed your mind?
Just help me find an answer
and I’ll stop wasting all your time.

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