The Angst In My Veins - text

Have you ever felt like you were invisible?
Tell me now if you've ever felt miserable
There's never really been a clear explanation
To live your life opposite to the world's rotation
To feel like no one. "No one understands."
To feel like you could die another lonely man
I am tired of hearing that I can't
So I've come forward with this to show you where I stand
Have you ever felt hated? Have you ever felt jaded?
I can't walk with all this weighing down on me
Have you been getting high? Have you been getting wasted?
Checking out from reality, just try to breathe

I don't see an end to my pain when I still have angst in my veins
Everything comes crashing down on me, when everyone is looking down on me

I only ask a single thing, just a moment of your time
I've let you show me all that is yours, now let me show you mine
I just wanted to hear "I miss you" or "I'm happy you made it out"
I just needed to hear "I love you" "I'm proud of what you're doing now"

I've seen the cuts on your arms, I've seen the scars on your wrists
And I just want you to know, you are better than this
They don't belong. You belong here

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The Angst In My Veins


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