Tension - text

I think it's best if we give it a rest right now
'Cause I can't stand it when you're freaking out
I know it's been a long road of things not quite working out

And I'm sorry for adding another obstruction. Just see through me
And I'm sorry for adding another obstruction. I'm not worth it

I am trying and trying and trying to cope
Trying to steer clear of the smoke and the rope
But I've had it up to here and I'm not going anywhere

I walk out the front door and you scream
But I close my eyes and don't hear a thing
The tension between us is crushing me
You tried to shape a boy to love you so deep
But I'm the same angry kid you used to be
Won't let anyone tell me shit. Where do you think I got that from?

You always wanted something, something all about you
Well here it is, here it fucking is

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The Angst In My Veins


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