He Reigns - text

He reigns, got to tell everybody
From the mountain top to the valley low
He covers the world with love
And He's too good for you not to know
Does every little thing in His power
Just so you can clearly see
That He wants the best for you
He throws your past way in the sea, see
But what kind of Man you know with authority to change the weather
He calms the storms and takes our cares
He'll make you light as a feather
If you know that He's God on high
Then go ahead, put your hands together
Stand on your feet, give him a shout
Tell the world that He reigns forever

[Verse 1:]
I will sing about it, shout about it
That He reigns forever, tell the world about it
For His wondrous ways, we will give You praise
And He reigns forever till the end of days
Dominion and power it all belongs to You
You gave us Your love and we give it back to You
We give You honor, we give You praise
And we declare Your Glory, let the nations say

He Reigns [x10]

[Verse 2:]
He sits upon the throne, let the earth rejoice
Cause He is holy, I will lift my voice
He made the heavens, He made the sea
And out of the dust of the ground made you and me
For He's the God of my salvation
Will give you peace in any situation
We give You honor, we give You praise
And we declare Your Glory, let the nations say


His Majesty, the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings
I love Him and I want to tell the world about it
Got to shout about it, got to tell the world [x2]


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Canton Jonestexty

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