Rainy Day Waiting - text

Itâ??s alright
Itâ??s okay
When I think about the ways
The memories radiate.
Itâ??s okay
Itâ??s alright
When I think about those nights
When everything was so right.

I wait for you
Thatâ??s all that I do
In a house thatâ??s made of stone
Crowded house but all alone
Empty promises echo in my head
In a house thatâ??s made a stone
In a house where no oneâ??s home.

I feel dead
I feel alive
When you departed I arrived
But Iâ??m never two steps behind
I gottaâ?? dream you gottaâ?? see
I gottaâ?? get it
But Iâ??m so fucking useless
Only wish I could lose this.


Had a dream last night that the whole world died
And I was responsible but I could not even lie.
Then the next day came and I felt the same
I could not erase, emptiness remained
So I cut myself and I watched the rain
And I bled until I could love again


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