Y, Why... - text

I know I've fallen in love when you're coming down to my eyes
wanna make you, wanna feel the beauty as you are
girl, I wanna tell you some I'm not a man who say is lie
Wanna love you I wanna hold you, can you be the part of my life

You can have it your way girl if you mind
I don't wanna bend you girl, all the life all the life

I'll feel your love forever I wanna know your feeling
this feeling is so true, girl I'll need your love forever
I can feel you heart, so please breathe with me forever

If you wanna one time
I gotta give you more than whenever wanna some thing
I'm gonna with you somewhere
I gotta show you what I'm gonna do when your eyes
Contact to me
It doesn't work it out you know too hard to breathe it
baby i love you indeeed. nothing is lie we need
I can't see it any teardrops on your face girl
I just wanna say i love it

When you come in my life see my eyes
My life is never the same
My eyes tell you truth i wanna live
In your life

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