Jailbird - text

I've traveled the sun to beaches far
I found a home
I came across your face
Deep in the cave of unlit sorrow
You were the perfect time to waste
You wore that mischief smile on your face
Across the bar you cut me up
Tonight's the night
I've had enough
I want to slash away at your arms and leave my name, and leave my name
Carved into you
Like a graveyard matrimony, I want to give a piece of me
Halloween eyes are on tonight
She cuts me like a butcher's knife
She has a shot, I try my luck.
Tonight's the night
I've had enough
Escape the night and you slip outside
So far from home
Your footsteps fall so softly in the freshly fallen snow
I'll follow you home and now I'm never alone.
If I send you off first, I promise I'll follow you home.
I'll follow you home.

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