They Can't Take Away Our Music - text

Oh, theres one thing that Im sure,
Its so proud and its so pure.

And it comes from deep within,
Its got no hair its got no skin.

As we travel far and near,
We bring the world for you to hear.

And the message that we bring,
Is the light in the words we sing.

And no matter how bad you feel,
We got something, they cant steal.

No they cant, no they cant, no they cant,
Take away our music, no.

No they cant, no they cant, no they cant,
Take away our music.

In the ghetto, it gets cold,
But we got something to warm our souls.

Like the blanket of our faith,
Keeps us covered when we shake.

Though they take my brothers life,
And deny his given rights.

Yes, the message will be heard,
As the four winds spread the word.

And our spirit, they cant break,
Cause we got power to communicate, yea.

No they cant, no they cant, no they cant,
Take away our music, Lord.

No they cant, no they cant,
I say, they cant take our music, music, little baby (unintelligible)
But his message is my book, my book, is your book, is everybodys book. Come on.
Music is fine, music is alright, alright with me, yea.
Come on, come on, sing it mom, sing it pop, sing it brother, sing it sister.

Everybody, come on. Get up on your feet, now, and stomp your feet, clap your hands, come on. Oh.
Sing it to your man, sing it to your woman, sing it to your baby, sing it to the sky,
Sing to ev, sing it to the ground, sing it to the earth, my, my, my, my, come on.
They cant take it away, they cant take it away. Oooo. Come on, come on, come on.

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