Thank Me Someday - text

Down in Louisiana
On a cotton plantation
Little tent room shack
And a third grade education
Two stringed wood guitar
I taught myself how to play, yes, I did
Kept the whole family up all night
And I told them that you'll all thank me one day
Yes, I did
My sister would scream
"Boy, you just got to stop
You're waking up the whole family
Everybody is going to be hot"
Two stringed wood guitar
And I sure enough taught myself how to play
She said, "Turn it down, Buddy"
I said, "Shut up, you're gonna thank me someday"
You're gonna thank me one day
Did you hear what I said?
That was sixty years ago
Now my mom and dad is gone
I go see my sisters and brothers
And the grand-kids come along
I give the little ones my guitar
I tell 'em, "Close your eyes and play
Don't even worry about the neighbors
Y'all gonna thank me someday"
Down in Louisiana
On a cotton plantation
A little tent room shack
And I only got a third grade education
That's why I taught myself
I'm telling you that's why I taught myself
How to play, yes, I did
I kept my family up all night
And now they're thanking me everyday
Oh yeah, they're thanking me everyday

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