Goodbye Is Not Forever - text

Baby I
I wanna let you know
What you mean to me
Sometimes you have
Have to let someone go
So you can set them free

Cos if it don't work
Can't be fixed
You tried everything
Still you're stuck on reverse
We can't put the pieces back
Baby I know it hurts

But goodbye is not forever
Maybe someday we'll get back together
But right here, right now, gotta do my thing
Girl I promise you
Goodbye is not forever

You're the one person I run to
You turn my wrongs to rights
It's hurting me to know that I hurt you
But I could never lie

Because if we're meant to be
If it's destiny
We can make this work
But right now I know that
It feels like the end of the world

No it doesn't mean
I don't want you anymore
And it doesn't mean
That I'm closing the door

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