Deep in love - text

Bro'sis:now listen!
hila:we know that our time has come!
ross we always stand on your side
faiz:and we only know,thats riiiight!!
indira:we have hear another path
shaham:did you hear him too? oohhhhhhhhh
giovanni:and when you dont belive,than you are true!!! ooh hoo
shakira:say sorry,and be worry
you know
its by you
to follow up the crew
my dear
its so amazing!
i'm not sweet and i'm not hard
but its seemed like you're smart
sold my heard
you know i'm deeper in love with you
ooh hoo so deep!
i'm a crazy girl and my heart would even think about you
whats the mather dera i like to say it
and the and of a night
yeah that fells so right

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