Once More Now - text

When your dreams don't come true
But your worries are over
Once more now

When the girls have all gone
And the party is over
Once more now

When you need it, cos you're in it
When you reach out and you get shot down
Once more now

When your dreams don't come true
Then you've forgotten what I told you
Once more now

You my universe
Nothing but a curse
Fanny Ann, can you give us some?
Once more now...

I'm not a lonely man
I'm looking for my friend
Won't you take my hand?
If your heart is unbroken
Once more now...

And all I need, is one arrow
And this is all I'm telling you...

Every second, every day, every hour, every month, every minute
Every scar, every burn, every star, every turd in the garden, cannibal

Fuck 'em

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