Cleaning Out the Rooms - text

In forest style am be in wood, where life is good, in a way
Slept away, upon our hearts, in cold coal ceremonial
On a rainy day, hang it up
Get the vacuum and suck it in

Cleaning out the rooms, I'll clean it up
Dark cloud, drifting out of view
I'll never know, she'll be coming soon
That is all

I'll wake up in a new life, ship shape and shoe shine
Damn it all to do now, down by the seaside...

Cleaning out the rooms, I'll clean it up
She'll be coming soon
Drifting into view, way in the west, white cloud
If everybody knew, I never knew, she'll be coming soon

I'll wake up in a new life, down by the seaside
In a new life down by the seaside

Cleaning out the room, I'll clean it up, dark clouds
She'll be coming soon
Down the chimney, out the window, that is all...

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