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Mama, remember how you warned me that he would only hurt me?
Remember how I didn't listen then, wasn't listening?
Mama, you said I shouldn't see him
Said I didn't need him
Said "Don't fall, that guy is gonna take your heart
Just to break your heart"
Told me from the start he would break my heart
And I guess I was a bad girl
But you just never understood
How the lovin' of that bad boy
Made your bad girl feel so good
I'd sneak out my window, we'd meet in the night
Deep in the darkness, he knew how to love me so right
Mama, ooh, he was a wild one
And, ooh, I was a child once
But I will never be a child again after lovin' him
Oh, not after lovin' him
Mama, I never knew a boy's touch could ever teach me so much
All those nights you didn't understand I was in good hands
Mama, if I would have listened
Ooh, the kissin' I'd be missin'!
I tell you, you were wrong as you could be
He's still here with me
Sneakin' out my window, we meet in the night
Deep in the darkness, he knows how to love me so right
Mama, ooh, that boy's touch, need it so much
Mama, ooh, that wild one, need to feel him
Mama, oh, that bad boy, he gives me such joy
Mama, I'm such a bad girl, he gives me such joy

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