Scars In Your Eyes - text

Your mind is racing to no end
leaving no traces, your intuition to defend
your time on earth is barely a blink
now you're breathing faster as the walls are closing in

endure the pain I'm giving you slow
in desperation we make moves but never know
the cold wind blows out the flame
now darkness surrounds us again

I can see the scars in your eyes
around the earth I can hear you cry
I can see the scars in your eyes
your fortune and fear has come alive

you try to understand why I spread the fear
I'm flowing through your veins, watch me disappear
all I know is I wish this could end
rips me apart, can't stand these voices in my head

endure the pain I'm giving you slow
keep the flame alive, my strength still grows
there's no escape, no compromise
now you know who am I

Text přidala Lucipher69


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