Illuminate - text

stand back and illuminate
your presence begins to shape
history is bound to change
stand back and illuminate

in this wreck I'll start to form
a new reason to believe again
its hard to see the misery and doubt you breathe
I never thought I would see the end
of your existence

another dream that was broken from the distance
you build resistance now I'm indifferent
now I believe in nothing from you

a fate to face the world in secret
you never thought you could love again
after a while the dream was dead
A way to connect is all you needed

I'm ready to know ready to see
I keep on searching what connects with me
the sensation of dissociation
give me something to bring me peace
we're all searching for integrity

Another face a human counterpart
behind a mask to deceive us
you're holding on and you know its all a lie
time to leave it all behind

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