Nihilist - text

Cut me down, take away my existence
Shatter my bones, burn whats left of me
A bastard child born from malignance
So here we are surrounded by violence
Nothing more than an empty shell
I am my own weakness
Forget my past
The blades have been sharpened
I refuse to live in the shadows
I am my own enemy
I feel the misery slowly consume me, it's just matter of time
My heart is black and hollow inside
Only hatred resides
So here we are surrounded by violence
Just a shell of a man
I am now your weakness
I'll cut you down, take away your existence
Shatter your bones, burn whats left of thee
We are the bastard children
Im sorry mother I know father lied
Fucked and forgotten, how could you look into her eyes?
I'm just a bastard
Just a fucking bastard

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