Never Say Goodbye - text

And now I'm older now than I used to be
And now I paid my dues and I spent my time
And there's nothing that I haven't seen
And oh, I still think about you every night

The rain's coming down
I'm standing in the street
I thought I knew it all
Baby I don't know a thing

I tried to put you in your place
I told you many lies
And I never meant to hurt you baby, yeah
I said a lot of things
But I'll never say goodbye

And when a pretty girl smiles at me
And I can't think of anything to say
Makes me think about you and me
Makes me think of how everything has changed

The rain's coming down
A-comin' down on me
I thought I knew it all
Baby I don't know a thing


Oh, never say goodbye, ah yeah
Yeah I never say goodbye


Never say goodbye, oh no
Never say goodbye, yeah

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