Deathmachine - text

Frontline, dead of night
Waiting for the enemy attack
Beasts of war, feeling death
Breathing down your neck

Sharped knives, guns prepared
Nuclear holocaust, ???? draws near
Feel the rage, feel the hate
Hear the wounded scream with fear

Bones are breaking, veins cut open
Bullets rip, shoot to kill
Skull blown open, blood is gushing
Violent rage, kill them!

The battle's raging, heads are rolling
Charging forward, tear their ranks
Show no mercy, kill in malice
Countless enemies, more to die

Bones are breaking, veins cut open
Ripping blade, stab the face
Guts are spilling, blood is gushing
Death Machine, kill them!

Text přidal atblatex

Video přidal DevilDan

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