Skycap (feat. Timbaland) - text

1st Verse:

The first love
I let inside of my life
Had me afraid to fly
Had my head in
The clouds
And meanwhile he
Let me crash
The next guy
He didn't even care
Enough to pay the fare
Took one look at
All my baggage
And caught himself
A cab
And then I met you


There's a place for me
In the air
Can't wait to be
With you there
Buckle up
We're taking off
And it's all
Because you
Handle my bags like
(A skycap)
Carry my load like
(A skycap)
Help me, help me
(Like a skycap)
Got me there like
(A skycap)

Mary J:

And now
I'm flyin'
Now, I'm flyin'
I'm flyin'
Now, I'm flyin'
(Skies so lush)


I'm fallin'
Now, I'm fallin'
I'm fallin'
Now, I'm fallin'

2nd Verse:

Ask me 'bout
My man
And I'll say
I got enough
Took me by
My hand
And we took off
With no delay
And at our
Cruising altitude
So when the times
Are rough
We fly over rocky roads
And rainy days

Repeat B-Section 1x
Repeat Hook 1x


You got a first
Class love

Mary J:

I never been so high


It's like you
Took it to the
Heavens above

Mary J:

I'm gonna write
Your name up
Across the sky
I don't even
Want to land
Got myself a
Hell of a man
Ladies, if you understand
Sang it for me now
I don't even
Want to land
Got myself a
Hell of a man

Repeat Hook 1x.

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