Undead Hunger - text

Ahriman - Corrupt this flesh -
Druj Nasu, Flies infect the dead -
By Samael's touch - By Lilith's caress -
Vampiric rebirth -
Seeking the warmth of life (blood) -
Spectral phantoms gaze -
Into the mirror of your world -
We cast down the sun -
Envenomed rites - Blackened Blood -
Poured from chalice - Stained of rust and age -
Unto the dragon we drink - Of ancient rites -
The Black Sun Rises - We haunt forever -
Casting shadow in the world - No dawn rising -
When night is the end - Warm blood flows -
Undead thirst - Timeless shadows -
On wings of night - Wolven howls -
Ahriman's gaze... abyssic horrors

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