Out-Side - text

Cried so loud the song today
the devil knows I couldn't get far
went to the beach but I couldn't find the path
tried to catch a train but it wasn't where I went
(wanted to) catch a plane but it wasn't (where I flew)
(all the time) I flew (just to get) back to you

I love your way (x2)

wished I had the heart to (presume or) take it out-side
take it outside just to catch a little rain
catch a little rain just to pour a little (ride)

I love your way
I'm a-dreaming of you

and it seems so very simple that
I don't think that I can tell you
and the knocking on my cranium
reminds me of a travel drum
makes it sound a simple feeling
can we go around (a-dreamin') crazy

I love your way
I'm a-dreaming of you

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