Old Records - text

Get out those old records (All the ones about Moon)
Those old phonograph records (And the ones about June)
The ones we used to play so long ago (Kitten On The Keys and Lola, on the old wind-up Victrola)

What if they sound scratchy (Barney Google was great)
The tunes really weren't catchy (All the songs about Kate)
And specially those that said, "I love you so" (Jada Jada, Boola Boola, Yaka Hula Hickey Dula)

I used to beg you over and over (Honey, Dardanell and Sonny)
Just to set the weddin' day (Meet me on the back porch songs, torch songs)
To get you courtable, I'd bring my portable
And melt your heart away (And melt your heart away)

With all those old records (They were wonderful then)
Those old phonograph records (Play them over again)
The ones we used to play so long ago (The ones we used to play so long ago)

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