Aimlessly Driftin' - text

I guess I'll go to California
Seems like I'm always on the run
Nobody ever needs a loser
We just exist under the sun
But someday, somehow, someone may need me
When my drifting days are done

Well, I'm aimlessly drifting
Looks like I live from day to day
Hard as I try to make a showing
Something is always in my way
Even the one I truly love now
Deals in the games that people play

Every time I love I always lose
Seems like I'll never ever win
Each I hear them lonesome blues
I'm all alone at home again
Seems like I'm just existing
Aimlessly drifting to no end

All that I ask of this old world
Is just to have a happy home
All that I ask of one little girl
Is just to be my very own
It seems just like I'm just existing
Aimlessly drifting along

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