Be It That Forever - text

* It started long ago
A story as long as old
An army without a solider
Tonight I will have told ya
A tale of truth and anger
A show without a dancer
A fight without a cancer
Questions unanswered

I say ね, ね
あのね, yeah
It thickens the air
Do you dare? ね?
The Gods will save a prayer for you

Light the sky with…

** Flames rising high to the stars collide
As the angels turn their back for one night
And the screams sing a song
To a place you belonged to long ago

Be it that forever…

It grows in you and me
A sorry of courtesy
A rebuff of blatency
A chance that can never be
A last straw before you crack
Another twinge go down my back, ah
Last chance, no turning back, ah
Lighting the match, oh

I say ね, ね
あのね, yeah
A burden to share
If you dare? ね?
Nobody’s saying a prayer but you

Burn the sky with…


Be it that way

***People will never change
Same faces different place
Just keep on with one hand high


We’ll take down our guard
And we’ll do you no harm
Coz our voice sings a song
Made of truth that can never be wrong

And we’ll black the sky with…


Be it that forever..


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