Girls Dem Sugar - text

It's a very large one, just another one, just another
Welcome di girls dem sugar, the girls dem need dis nigga yah
Welcome the girls dem sugar, the girls dem need dis nigga yah,
(rept. 2)

Verse 1:
Excuse me baby but a really jus have to tell you dis
It's been a while i'm admiring your tenderness
Yuh coco-cola bottle shape and all yu cherry lips
A you alone mi want fi hug up, love up and den mi kiss
A jus addicted to yuh body das why mi want a tick
A want to show yuh that i'm a man that's very romantic
Nuh tink a through mi yuh now, an a yuh mi want fi skip
Di gal dem a sing dis, (but hear mi click)


Verse 2:
One cup a water and three sour lime
Yuh ajoe mine an mi a joe grind
Yuh give har di money an mi kill har wid di wine
When yuh deh a work, she deh pon yuh mind
But she deh a shocking vibes gate a day time, (stop)
Gal a write mi an a call mi an a tell mi dat
Mi bredda fabian jus hit di jack pot
But through di style an di pattan an di ways we got
A pure young gal attack, (an dem a sing)


Verse 3:
Gal a tell mi dem nuh business a who
Dem want a man from di roses crew
Gal a tell mi dem nuh response fi sue
But dem want a man from di sunrise crew
But from a god bless, gal tell dem nuh test
Yuh have yuh own man, gal big up yuh chest
Some waiting an can't exhale yet, but mi gal nuh
Badda fret
(an dem a sing)

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