You Said - text

I woke up lookin' for a smile
Upon your face
But all that I saw
Was an empty space
On my own I don't know
The reason why
Didn't wanna believe
Your goodbye
You said you want
Your freedom back
But I can't understand
You were my aphrodisiac
It should have never come to an end
You said we'll never be apart
And that you'll never
Break my heart
That's what you said
What you said you promised me

You said your love is so true
Nothing else just me and you
That's what said
What you said but now I see
All the words in my head
I recall what you said
But you have to be free
That's what you said to me
That's what you said to me
Dreamin' bout all the times
I spent with you
So many feelings you never knew
You said to me
That you always will be there
I don't think that you still care
You said you want
Your freedom back...
You said we'll never be apart...

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