Scavenger - text

Why do you weep? Why do you moan?
Why do you trash this pitiful home?
Sever the lifeblood, let the birds scream
Feel their movement in everything
It's not that easy, unreliable, fabulous
Takes one to know one, so climb aboard

One sure shot, one fell swoop
Out from under, it's a little bit clear
Slick as a gutter and I like it like that
Jumpin' around looking for a membrane
It's not that easy...
Takes one to know one, so climb aboard

What does it take to be your slave?
What does it show when you can't behave?
There's lots of people who could take your spot
Lots of applications starting to rot
It's not that easy to be a scavenger
Takes one to know one, so climb aboard

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Singly + dema + rarity


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