This Is Your Life - text

You, you pighead in a crowd
Never dress too loud
This is your life
I was always second class
Never in your act
This is your life


You (in the sleep and the babbeling)
Your money in hand
You're always in command
(When you're there talk to me)
This is your life (all right)
But your life (do you find the photograph)
Is always so obscene (on the back of every magazine)
You seldom ever dream
(Take a side take a walk, take a ride)
This is your life
Your life
(your life)
Your life
(your life)
Your life
You built us up
You bring us down
You take the cash
You cover your crown
This is your life
You live alone far too long
Someday soon you'll hear our song
This is your life
Do you find the photograph
On the back of every magazine
Take a side, take a walk, take a ride
And you'll see that the Beverly Hills
And you'll see a bunch of thrills
When you're there look at me
You know you're never out of your life
Your life
Your life
Your life
Your life

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