Hey! C.B. - text

The going was tough
But it was gonna get rougher
As he rallied that motor right into the night
They been taken in stages
He's been drivin' for ages
And by morning the leader
Was right outta sight
Driving like a maniac
Boy you ought to see him go

Hey C.B. won't you wait far me
Now I'm comin behind you
And I'm tryin' to find you
Hey C.B. won't you wait for me
I don't know where you are
I gotta follow your car
Hey wait for me C.B. C.B. C.B.
Hey soon you're gone C.B. C.B. C.B.

Takin' his chances and stealin' a glance
Just to see if the others are comin' behind
He's still ahead but his arms are like lead
And his eyes are so heavy that he's nearly blind
Still he goes faster
They ain't gonna catch him now

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