In Memory Of The Martyrs - text

Life is like a tall ship
Drifting gently from the shore
Time is like a fair wind
With a lifetime to explore.
The beauty that surrounds you
Was meant to be adored
The problems that surround you
Were meant to be ignored
We are love
We are
We are love.

I dreamt I held a baby
I dreamt I held a child
I dreamt I held a young man
A prisoner in my hand.
My hand I could not open
The man grew up inside
A prisoner without reason
Just on the other side.
We are love
We are
We are love.

The blood red rose of summer
Grows elegant and tall
In memory of the green grass
Behind the garden wall.
The green grass grows forever
Beneath the bloody sky
In memory of the martyrs
She'll cover when they die.
We are love
We are
We are love.

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