Sailor Dance - text

Hey-ho the way i'm feeling
Hey-ho my heart's believing
i'll tell ya' where it's leading , sailor-dance
hey-ho my love your stealing
hey-ho i got the feeling
i know where it is leading , sailor, sailor-dance

wild and free, wild and free - i'm the pirate of the deep blue sea.
come with me and you'll see - i'm the pirate of the deep blue sea

take you away, way, away across the ocean
i'm gonna show you everything i feel
i'll let you dive right into my heart's emotion
you know were gonna have a good good time
we're gonna sail , yea, we're gonna dance together
we're gonna have a lot of things to do
cuz' time stands still whenever we're together
you know my heart belongs to you you

and we can look up, the stars just guide us
now we don't have to worry bout a thing
we'll sail the world and we'll find a little island
you know we're gonna have a good time yea yea
and everyday will look and find new treasures
i know alot of places where we can be
i have a map yea it leads to secret pleasures
i'll make your heart belong to me me yea yea

do you want to follow me like i want to follow you
now this pirates wild and free and you belong to me

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