Our Love Is A Lie - text

Five O'clock in the mornin'
Floatin' over my bed
Temptin' fate is a pleasure
Goin' straight to my head

Not one for collegiate
Never one for respect
I take what I am given
I never needed what I never get

What if I told you a secret?
You promise you'll never tell?
I wanna get into you now, baby
Get me outta this hell

Semi-good lookin' seducer
Slither in the street
I gotta suck out the venom
Desire's killin' me

So go ahead and shoot me
'Cause I ain't goin' down
Aim and fire your best shot
I ain't hittin' the ground

What if I told you a secret?
They ask and we'll just deny
I wanna hit into you now, baby
Tonight our love is a lie

I can't control myself
My passion reigns
A victim of my lust
Delicious pain

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Sebastian Bachtexty

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