Song For The Seeker - text

It ain't in my hand,
It ain't in my feet,
It ain't in no treasure chest swallowed right by the sea.
It ain't in my mind (it ain't in my mind),
It ain't in my dreams (it ain't in my dreams),
It ain't with the birds who are always singing with the deers.

It ain't in my eyes (it ain't in my eyes),
It ain't in my ears (it ain't in my ears),
It ain't in the statues that were built on sweat and tears.
It ain't in my heart (it ain't in my heart),
It ain't in my soul (it ain't in my soul),
It ain't on the mountain we heard was filled with gold.
It ain't in the ground,
It ain't in the trees,
It ain't in the castle on the hill,
It ain't in the lee.

Woah, it ain't in the fire.
It ain't in the rain.
It ain't in the summer greens you feel on your face.

It ain't the sun,
It ain't in the moon.
It ain't in the silver linings made for me and you,

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