Thank You - text

All the time we have gone through
All the time we have spent with you
It´s awesome it´s fabolous !
Thank for this, all of you for what you are,
Our life and this stage!
You must be yourselves, don´t listen to the crowd
Don´t listen to the corwd, to the crowd
Those lies, this style We won´t be universal
Everyone is telling you what to wear
Everyone is telling you how to swear
We are unique, we are brave
No one can´t tell us how to behave
Every second in your life
Every moment within this life
Be yourself, don´t be afraid
Stay unique, stay brave, be yourself,
don´t be afraid, don´t be afraid

We don‘t care about shits in your life,
we don´t care what you did all this time
Thank you for what you are,
our life and this stage,
you must be yourself,
don´t be afraid, everyone can be majority.

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