Let's Go Out and Scare - text

There's nothing to this trick
A B-horror vampire flick
Nice little Gothic dolls
And my porno valentine
Besides my fetish shit
A closet for the dead
I'm a fucking creepy sight
Tonight is the night
Let's go out and scare people

Trash cans spilled with blood
Impaled clowns sing
It's a darkly se**** thing
Fear, with a garter belt
Now take this ghastly note
Beware of prayer beads
Walking through churchyard gardens
Planting demon seeds
We are the painted few
A kind of hellish crew
Don't expect the roses red
A fiendish limerick said
Sinister lovers scream
Waiting for a midnight dream
I'm a fucking creepy sight
Tonight is the night
Lets go out and scare people

Text přidala Lau


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