Come When You Need Me - text

So I've been sad
So I'm confused
Like most people are at times
But I love you
And this love of mine
Will comfort you
If need be
I am your friend
At times when I'm worried
I'll shy away from you

So at times I'm without the light I need in life
But I love you and this love of mine
Will open many doors
To make you see me to make you see me
See me in loves light

Come when you need me
I'm needing you
We could be the starlight in the morning dew
Even in my sorrows
I'll smile for you
Makes me free to see you happy

So I turn away at times
Turn away from right and wrong
So I freeze in the breeze
In the breeze of your song

But I love you
And this love of mine will
see you through
Giving to us the morning dew

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