When I'm a Hundred Sixty-Four - text

"Modern Science has extended human life. But is longevity what you really want?
Be careful what you wish for…come on…face the music!"

Will I still be active, passionate and full of life?
Or will I feel redundant, yearning for the day I’ll die…

Will I still be relevant, or will I be ignored?
Never thought I’d wonder what the future has in store
When I’m a hundred sixty-four

Will I turn grey, or sport a toupee?
Or even care anymore…when I’m a hundred sixty-four

I hope I’ll still be noticed
Turning heads like before
Will I be cool or nerdy
Up-to-date or dinosaur
When I’m a hundred sixty-four

Will I be lazy; stuck in my chair
It all seems so crazy. Guess I won’t care
Anymore…at a hundred sixty-four
I might just be bored…at a hundred sixty-four

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