Curtains - text

Lately can you feel your pulse wanting to leave?
The hollowness feels like a friend
You have no need to grow old
Your muscles will seize, your organs frozen like meat
But it sounds like...

I know you're feeling alone
Caught out at sea
The chains at your feet, heavier
Now they want the keys to your home
And they claw at your feet
I think it's curtains for me
And it sounds like...
(Just raise a hand or something, because I know you must be feeling alone)
And it sounds like...
(Just lift your head or something, because I know you must be feeling it all)
And it sounds like...

At first the echo doesn't feel the same
I know you've never been ashamed
And for a second you will feel no pain
I know, yes I know

At the end, you're alone
Till the end, one by one
And I hear your calls but they sound the same

So sing!

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