Murmur ov the Dead - text

The fleshly robe a withering cloth
Bacterial infestation
Labored breaths
Blood curdling coughs
Cathartic disintegration
Pulsating drain ov miasmic sludge
Grain sown in a poisonous ground
Absorbed by the yearningly dust
Intransigent war
Subjugated to loss
Consolation and longing
Gruesome respite
Mute ravenous pest
With shattering might
Renunciation ov life

Lvzifer- The dark so bright
Lvzifer- Redeeming might
Lvzifer- My glorious light

Beyond the beckoning waves ov yonder

The wailing remnants ov life
Luring opaque shadows
When salvation is nigh
As scavengers dance
Feverish grim perdition
Serene lukewarm veil
Clenched pallid hands

Shores ov hollow streams
Necrotic embrace
Deafening silence
Beyond the beckoning waves
Strewn with skeletal remains
The horrid silence

Murmur ov the dead

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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