Crown ov the Dead - text

A thickening veil
Slumbering nocturnal light
A Stygian spell penetrates the starless night
Cadaveric instruments ov wickedness
Scorched Stench
Breathes into vast nothingness

Sculptures ov bones
Gobbets ov flesh
A charnel empire
Redolent ov death

Crown ov the dead

Tongue ov gods
Daemon seed
The unblessed form
Deathless eternity

Crown ov the dead

Lifeless hearts framed new shades ov hell
From the depths ov Erebus
Reverberations ov her spell
Woeful cries ov the lamented death
To live another time
Spon from a second thread

With a motionless heart and fettered limbs
The desecrated corpse
Adorned in a rotting slumber
Instilled from misery
Risen from the deep
A second birth to still the horrid hunger
Harvest mysteries from an anguished tongue
A glance ov carnage and malevolent might
Wielding swords ov blazing fire
The grandeurs ov war
Scorching glare ov genocide

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