Frankenstein - text

I am falling into a chasm
I'm falling with you in my arms
No wait, these are your arms
Your arms of love that I'm falling into
Is this a vision of love?

When I was a young boy
Mama said, "You better watch out for the fall."
But now that I'm a grown woman
And I know, I know, I know
I can see the cold
I can see the cold to the place where he is born

Come on baby, let's fall, fall into the chasm
With me, fall into love
Cos I know that the vision, it will never shatter
For as long as i hold onto you in these cold arms

There's something in these eyes too close for comfort
But now that I'm a grown woman
And I know, I know, I know, I know
I know the call to the place where it's born
You can see these arms are big and strong now baby
Well I'll prove to you these arms can hold you tight

It's cold, leave baby, it's cold, it's time
This is a vision of love and i'm freezing
I'm falling into cold, come on let's go

Text přidala Maj-Erja

Videa přidali Sigur, Maj-Erja


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