More Annoying orange - text

ORANGE: It's kinda lonely in here all by myself. Hmm.. Oh.. Hay what's that?
ORANGE #2: Whoa! Hello, that's fun.
ORANGE: Hahaha! Hay! You are an orange!
ORANGE #2: Hay! You are an orange!
ORANGE: I'm an orange.
ORANGE #2: I'm an orange.
ORANGE: That's was I said.
ORANGE #2: That's was I said.
ORANGE: Hay! Hay orange! You wanna hear a joke?
ORANGE: Why'd the chicken cross the...
ORANGE #2: Hay! Hay orange!
ORANGE #2: Why'd orange go blind?
ORANGE #2: 'cause he was low on Vitamin C. Heh.
ORANGE: Hay! I was telling joke!
ORANGE #2: Get it? Vitamin C? Heh.
ORANGE: Hay! Hay orange! What'd orange say before he went to work?
ORANGE #2: Back to the rind. Heh.
ORANGE: Hay! That's my joke!
ORANGE #2: Heh!
ORANGE: Hay! Hay orange! How many oranges does it take to screw in light bulb?
ORANGE #2: Hohohooo! Hahaha!
ORANGE: What was that? I was in middle of telling a joke and then you just...
ORANGE #2: Oh! That was a little pulp in that one. Hahaha!
ORANGE: What is wrong with a you?
ORANGE #2: I think I'm a little ripe. Heh.
ORANGE: Oh, yeah. I well bet a can't do this. Hahaha!!!!
ORANGE #2: Oh, anybody can do that. Watch. Hoooooooooo! Told you I'm ripe.
ORANGE: You're annoying.
ORANGE #2: Not I'm not. I'm an orange.
ORANGE: Well you are...
ORANGE #2: Hay! Hay orange! Why'd the orange fall out of tree?
ORANGE: 'cause you're stupid?
ORANGE #2: 'cause he went out on limb. Hahaha!!!
ORANGE: Grrrr!
ORANGE #2: Hahaha!!! I'm so funny. I tell to best jokes in the world.
ORANGE: Hay! Hay orange!
ORANGE #2: What? What is it, orange?
ORANGE: Knife.
ORANGE #2: Hh? Oooooow!
ORANGE: Hahaha!
ORANGE #2: Oooooow!
ORANGE: Hahaha! Hay orange! Way to go. You've got lots of guts. Get it? Guts? Hahaha! Oh, that's a lot better. Peace and quiet. Hay! What are you doing?
ORANGE #3: Oh! Whoa! Ow! Hay watch out!
ORANGE #3: Hay! Another orange! Hay! It's another orange!
ORANGE #3: Hay orange! Hay orange!
ORANGE #4: Hay orange! Hay orange!
ORANGE #5: Hay orange! Hay orange!
ORANGE #6: Hay orange! Hay orange!
ORANGE #7: Hay orange! Hay orange!
ORANGE #8: Hay orange! Hay orange!
ORANGE: Nooooooo!!!

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