Every Minute - text

I can't believe this is the end
I've so many thing left to do
When it's over and when it's done
Will you remember me, too

I don't wanna know, I don't wanna hear
I gotta find something to blame
Too blind to see the writing's on the wall
So was it all in vain

Our destiny, can't you see
The bell begins to chime
It's not too late, so don't hesitate
We're running out of time

Try to get it, give it all you've got
Live every minute, before it's time to rot
Try to get it, cause death is calling you
Live every minute before your time is through

So many chances and so many dreams
Too many regrets to ignore
I'm beggin' for mercy and I'm beggin' on my knees
I can't take this anymore

Please say a prayer for the dying
And now I must say goodbye
My time is up and I'm full of regret
Don't let life pass you by

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