Squirrels - text

Your bones are shattered into worthless pieces of dust
as I beat you senseless this is
what happens when you fuck with me!

Now you'll see what you have unleashed
When you fuck around show some respect
or you'll be 6 feet underground
Bitch that's where u belong so rot in the ground

Now you all will see
What I mean when I say
There will be a consequence to your actions
You've fucked with me
For the Last time you die tonight

I watch you scream and plead
As I strike you down onto your knees

Watch as I cut deeper through your neck
Karmas a bitch that you fucked for the last time

I want to see you bleeding
Crimson fluid dancing madly
As I sever through your chest
Rippin out your heart in detest

Your divine deception
wont save you from the end
I see you rotting down into your

I'll fuckin' make you suffer
As I take the life right from you

This is your fate
There's no saying sorry
it's too late for that!

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