Feetlips - text

Feetlips, why do you do that way?
You know you’ll have to pay
For you’re making us nauseous

Feetlips, you know today’s the day
You turn the other way
And you eat your galoshes

You thought Somepeople was a tragic name
He was the easiest one to blame
His weather, systems tempered and tame
Till you catch wind of…

Feetlips, you’re so brash
Waltzing around talking your trash
No, you haven’t been drinking
You just talk without thinking
It’s what got you this far
But it’s not worth one dollar
No it’s not worth a boy
Quiet… quiet… quiet… quiet…
Quiet... quiet... quiet...

Feetlips, why do you
Do that way
You know you’ll
Have to pay…

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