Take It To Reality ft. SAFIA - text

Dragging me around
Hold me to the ground
I know that you like it
I'm getting kinda down
'Cause you're never around
And I don't wanna fight it
It's never gonna start
If you don't break apart
The depth of our connection
It's easy to hold hands
And blame it on romance
I'm never gonna mention that I...

Take it to real
Take it to real
Take it to reality

I stand there with my drink
And ask you what you think
But you kiss me just like that
You tell me I'm too much
And you don't want to rush
Into this cause I'm worth it
I know I'm playing cool
'Cause I just want to rule
This whole thing that we started
The only way you'll know
What's really not for show
Is if you hear my verses
'Cause I...

Take it to real
Take it to real
Take it to reality

You could take me anywhere
Anywhere you want

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